NEW PRODUCTS – LR Baggs and Tech21

We are super excited to announce a pair of new product lines here at Town Center Music: LR Baggs and Tech21/SansAmp!

When we opened this box, every one of our guitar instructors rushed over – it’s like they could smell it, or something. A little weird. Anyway, Tech 21 has spent the better part of the last three decades developing the go-to products for tone-hounds that don’t want to lug around amps, but still insist on audio purity. We’ll let them explain:

tech21The SansAmp technology captures the warm, rich, natural tones of the most sought-after tube amplifiers. Within the parameters of each model’s particular design, the controls provide you with access to specific tone shaping characteristics within the tube amplifier sound spectrum.

SansAmp products are designed to work seamlessly in both recording and stage environments. They can be used with almost any instrument, for any music style, and for multiple applications. Record directly to tape and disc or enhance previously recorded tracks. For live performances, they can drive a power amp and speakers, augment your existing amplifier set-up, or run directly into the mixer of a PA system.

Whether you’re looking for a good low-volume direct signal solution (for small venues, churches, etc) or for some new tonal colors to add to your pallete, Tech21 is worth a good long look. These things are going F-A-S-T, so hurry in.

baggsWhat do artists as diverse as Old Crow Medicine Show, Peter Frampton and Of Monsters And Men have in common? They all trust their acoustic tones to a dude named Lloyd. Lloyd being the “L” in LR Baggs. These geniuses keep finding new and innovative ways to reproduce acoustic tone as purely and truly as possible. Traditional undersaddle pickups, iBeam soundboard film sensors, soundhole magnetics, active DI preamps, and even studio-quality internal mics are just some of the products LR Baggs has brought to market, and with resounding success. Check out their backstory on film here. Have a great acoustic that needs to plug in? Come on in and let us give you a quick overview of what LR Baggs can do for your acoustic sound.