ENCORE BUCKS at Town Center Music!

tcm - eNCORE buCKSHey everyone! Town Center Music is introducing a new shopping rewards program called ENCORE BUCKS! For every $50 you spend, you get $5 back for use after January 1, 2014. You can collect as many ENCORE BUCKS as you’d like, and they never expire – just keep up with this snazzy little card depicted here, and you can use them toward any regular sales item in the store. We want to keep this as easy as we can, so there are only a couple of rules:

– ENCORE BUCKS can be combined, and have no expiration date. Much like the annual fruitcake currently en route from that relative. Yep, that one.
– ENCORE BUCKS can be used on any sales item in the store, and on repair services, but not lessons (sad face).
– Although you may feel like a movie star or rap guy or someone else famous when you use ENCORE BUCKS, we can’t give you change on them. Sorry to spoil the moment.
– If you put Santa puts an item on layaway before December 31, you Santa will receive ENCORE BUCKS when the layaway is paid off.

That’s about it, re: ENCORE BUCKS. Also, we have some pretty good deals going on some accessory packages, lovingly assembled by our elves here at Town Center Music, which you can maybe talk us in to giving you for FREE with the purchase of select guitars (SPOILER ALERT: you can.). And there’s always the specials deals on stuff that we can’t mention in advertisements like websites because those companies would get mad at us. Long story short: you should stop by soon. At the very least, you should follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as we’ve become kind of a big deal on both of them. Happy holidays, everyone.