Yamaha JR-1: The Go-Anywhere Guitar

A little bit ago, I went on a camping trip with some friends. Four days on an island in the middle of a lake. Cooking over a fire, sleeping in a hammock, afternoons relaxing on a boat – it was pretty great. Except we’re all musicians, and given the remote location, we didn’t really want to bring our nice, full-size acoustics out with us.  I mean, who would? There’s dirt… a fire… stink bugs… oh, so many stink bugs… it’s just not an ideal setting for an all-solid, full-size acoustic guitar. But what if there was a smaller, laminated construction acoustic that played AND sounded great? Well, it just so happens, there is. I brought my Yamaha JR-1 acoustic along on this trip, and it was a hit. My musician friends had a lot of great things to say about it: “Wow, this thing sounds WAY bigger than it looks,” and “Wow, this action is fantastic,” and “Wow, it plays in tune, even way up on the neck!” Come to think of it, most of those statements started with “Wow…”  And with good reason: this is Yamaha quality we’re talking about here. Those folks don’t do anything half way, yet they still manage to keep prices amazingly low. Given the size of the JR-1, you know where else it fits well? In an overhead bin on an airplane, that’s where. Or on top of your picnic kit/surfboard/volleyball net/whatever else you take to the beach when you go out for a day of fun at the beach. Come on in to Town Center Music and find out why the Yamaha JR-1 is the go-anywhere guitar.