TCM's Guaranteed 12 Month Buyback Program
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Let's Take The Uncertainty Out of School Music

We know handing an instrument to a young musician can be an uncertain prospect? Will they love it? Will they hate it? Or will it be a life-enriching hobby that happens for a time, and goes away? What we can say for certain: music is almost universally beneficial to student. Math score, social skills, & creativity are all benefits of playing a musical instrument in a school setting. So how can we give students the gift of these skills but still minimize the financial risk?

The Guaranteed 12 Month Buyback

Believe it or not, purchasing is often the most economical option for student instruments, especially withTown Center Music's Guaranteed Buyback Program. Here’s how it works: purchase any new or pre-owned instrument from TCM, and we guarantee we will buy back that instrument for a preset price anytime within the following 12 months. Here’s a breakdown of the guarantees we offer:

New Knilling Sebastian violins  $100
New Knilling Sebastian violas  $125
New Knilling Bucharest violins  $150
New Knilling Bucharest violas  $180
New Blessing clarinets, flutes, & trumpets  $180
New Innovative Percussion & Vic Firth bell or snare/bell kits  $100
But what about rental?
Rental seems like a good idea: pay a small amount monthly, return the instrument at anytime with no obligation. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, most of the time the yearly expense of rental is equal to or even higher than a an instrument purchased with our Guaranteed Buyback Program. And that’s just the worst case scenario, where your student quits after just one year. What happens if they love the instrument? Most rent-to-own instrument contracts average a three year payoff term. That means you’re paying up to three times more for the rent-to-own instrument. Plus, there’s a swell of pride that comes from a student OWNING their very own instrument.

For instance…
Let’s break down the purchase of a new 4/4 Knilling Sebastian violin versus rental:

 $265 new purchase price
-$100 CASH buyback after the school year (10 months)
 $165 total school year expense
 $16.50 average monthly expense
 $11.62 initial monthly payment
 $30.72 monthly payment (rent + maintenance plan)
 $257.38 total school year expense
 $25.74 average monthly expense

That’s almost $90 in savings. Plus, if your student enjoys playing the violin, you own your instrument for just about $8 more than it costs to rent for a year. 

We also gladly buy back instruments after the Guaranteed 12 month period, and our offers are made based on the condition of the instrument & accessories (cases, etc).

Terms & Conditions:

  • Instrument must be in playable condition
  • Buyback cash payments will only be made to original purchaser
  • Buyback payment can also be issued as store credit toward a larger size instrument, another instrument, or open account credit.
  • Instruments brought in for buyback outside the guaranteed 12 month term will be assessed and an offer made based on instrument condition.
  • To qualify buyer must give name & address at time of purchase.

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