Guitar Lessons with Corbin King at Town Center Music
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Guitar Lessons with Corbin King

I am a guitarist of 35 years and I have been involved with music my entire life. I began teaching at Town Center Music in 2003 and have helped thousands of students achieve their goals during that time. I teach both guitar and bass but I specialize in advanced lead guitar and composition. I can help anyone, at any age, from a first day beginner to a seasoned veteran looking for some new inspiration or ideas. 

Aside from being an instructor at TCM, I am most commonly known in the music biz for my heavy metal band VAINGLORY, which I am the guitarist, songwriter and producer. I am also the lead guitarist & producer for the rap/hip-hop phenom RITTZ. The track I produced for RITTZ “Picture Perfect” feat. Tech N9ne has over 1 MILLION streams on Spotify. The combination of these two acts and the extremely high level exposure of the RITTZ material has led my guitar playing to be heard worldwide and through all major music outlets like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. for a total of over 40 MILLION plays/streams. In the wake of these milestones, I've founded my songwriting and production company: KING Audio Productions.

Whether you are looking to become the next guitar hero or just want to play for fun and learn some songs, I can help you!

Town Center Music has partnered with the TeacherZone lesson management system to offer our students the best lesson experience possible. TeacherZone offers a full multimedia lesson experience as well as the ability to manage scheduling & billing right from your computer, tablet, or phone. With TeacherZone and Town Center Music, you'll get more out of your lessons than you'd ever imagine. Learn more at

Here Are the Current Rates:
For most instructors - check specific plan details.
$125/month for a weekly 30 minute lesson.
$35 for a one-off, "a la carte" lesson.
All lessons are paid in advance, using a credit or debit card on file. Your card will be charged on the date of signup (i.e., sign up on the 4th, card will be charged every 4th, etc).

How To Sign Up:
Use the "Sign Up Today" box to choose your pricing plan, instrument, instructor, and lesson day/time. When you click the Sign Up Today button, you'll be taken to the TeacherZone website to complete your profile finish your registration.

It's Really That Easy!
Still have questions? Give us a call at 770.831.7936 or shoot us an email at

Online Scheduling & Billing
TCM offers the most convenient lesson program around - scheduling & billing done exclusively online!

Student Discount

Every one of our students gets an additional 15% off any item over $100, so shop away.

Lessons In-Person, or Online

  Out of town? Sick? Trapped indoors by a virus? Do lessons with your instructor at your time, online.

Performance Opportunities

Perform for family and friends at local venues, and get a limited-edition poster for participating!.

One-On-One Instruction

This ensures every student gets the attention they need - in-person, or online.

Build Your Own Curriculum

Learn the songs and styles you want to learn without sacrificing fundamentals.

Convenient Availability

We offer lessons Monday thru Saturday, and we close at 8pm Monday thru Thursday, so we’re sure to have a time that will work for you.

Professional Instructors

These aren’t house framers looking to make a few bucks on the side; these are background checked professional music teachers dedicated to passing on their love for music.
What About Other Online Lessons?
We understand the attraction to many online guitar lessons: convenient, abundant, no need to change out of pajama pants - it sounds great. But most of them are prerecorded video series. How can an online video tell you your finger position needs to be changed? Can an online video encourage you when you just nail that tough passage? Can an online video re-arrange your favorite song to make it easier for you to learn? There's no substitute for the relationship you develop with your teacher as they encourage you and give you exactly what you need to accomplish your musical goals.

Town Center Music is the answer when you search "drum lessons near me!"

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