Take guitar lessons from 38 Special guitarist Danny Chauncey at Town Center Music
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Let's cut to the chase: how often do you get to sit with a bona fide rock star and learn to play guitar?

We're gonna go with: "not often."

Danny Chauncey is a thirty-plus year veteran of classic rock institution 38 Special, as well as the composer of Eddie Money's 1986 hit, "I Wanna Go Back." Danny can give you unique insights into playing drawn from decades of playing. And not just playing, but playing playing. If you get what we mean. So it seems the question isn't, "do you want to learn from rock star?'  The question is, "what day & time do you want?" Sign up in the black & orange box.

Danny's rate is $140 per month (half hour weekly lessons), and he's teaching Tuesdays & Wednesdays at Town Center Music.