Guitar Lessons at Town Center Music
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Guitar Lessons in Suwanee GA

Guitar Lessons at Town Center Music

Town Center Music offers guitar lessons to the Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Buford, Duluth, & John's Creek areas.
We teach students from all over Gwinnett County to become Music Makers.
Learn songs you love, or utilize a custom curriculum designed just for you.

Meet our instructors - Click here to signup

Electric Guitar Lessons

According to experts, if you want to be a rock and roll star, just get an electric guitar, take some time, and learn how to play. Town Center Music is home to some of the best electric guitar teachers anywhere. Our instructors can teach you everything from classic rock, modern rock, punk, ambient wash, rockabilly, and even genres so new, they don’t have names yet. Sign up here.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

By far the most popular instrument we teach, everyone loves a good acoustic guitar player. Town Center Music offers acoustic guitar lessons so you can delicately fingerpick, flatpick some bluegrass, or strum percussively until your guitar looks like Willie Nelson’s. Sign up here.

Bass Guitar Lessons

Straddling the line between rhythm and melody, a great bass player is always in demand. Town Center Music offers bass guitar lessons for beginner to intermediate players, that’ll have you slapping, popping, and thumping your way into the nearest groove. Sign up here.

Ukulele Lessons

Who could’ve predicted the enduring popularity of the ukulele? You can’t surf the internet for more than five minutes, it seems, without stumbling across a ukulele cover of a popular song. Town Center Music offers ukulele lessons for all ages and skill levels, so you can be the life of the party. Sign up here.

Student Discount
Every one of our students gets an additional 15% off any item over $100, so shop away.

Student Referral Bonus

Refer any new student to us, and both you and the new student receive a free lesson.

Performance Opportunities

Perform for family and friends at local venues, and get a limited-edition poster for participating!.

One-On-One Instruction

This ensures every student gets the attention they need.

Build Your Own Curriculum

Learn the songs and styles you want to learn without sacrificing fundamentals.

Convenient Availability

We offer lessons Monday thru Saturday, and we close at 8pm Monday thru Thursday, so we’re sure to have a time that will work for you.

Professional Instructors

These aren’t house framers looking to make a few bucks on the side; these are background checked professional music teachers dedicated to passing on their love for music.

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What About Online Lessons?
We understand the attraction to online guitar lessons: convenient, abundant, no need to change out of pajama pants - it sounds great. But how can an online video tell you your finger position needs to be changed? Can an online video encourage you when you just nail that tough passage? Can an online video re-arrange your favorite song to make it easier for you to learn? There's no substitute for the relationship you develop with your teacher as they encourage you and give you exactly what you need to accomplish your musical goals.

Danny Chauncey

Danny Chauncey

Top 10 hits, massive tours, legendary status.
With stints in 38 Special and alongside Gregg Allman, Danny Chauncey's resume speaks for itself. Coming out of the Bay Area in the 1970's, Danny was a member of Mistress, who released a self-titled album in 1977. Danny was then a founding member of Billy Satellite, where he co-wrote "I Wanna Go Back," which later became a 1986 hit for Eddie Money. Danny joined 38 Special in 1987, where the band scored numerous top-ten hits and performed world-wide.

Town Center Music is beyond thrilled to welcome Danny to our teaching staff. Take advantage of this rare opportunity and sign up for lessons with Danny today. Click the link below and make sure you choose 'Danny Chauncey' in the 'Plans' field.

Sign up with Danny here.

Corbin King

What's something people would find interesting about you?
I am not just a guitarist, songwriter and studio engineer/producer but my wife and I are building up our farm! We have two horses (a Clydesdale named Bo and a large miniature horse named Hoppy), five Hens, one Rude Rooster and six cats. We are working next on finishing our barn and planting lots of crops!

What inspired you to start playing?
I can remember many things that made me want to become the best guitarist I possibly could but probably the first big one was when my mom would play records for me and I heard Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker". The unaccompanied guitar solo in there was what lit the fire.

What's the best thing about teaching?
The best thing to me about teaching is I can take everything I've accumulated over my life and streamline the process for the up and comers. It's a great thing to be able to build upon the inspiration in young kids they have when they experience that cool guitar song for the first time.

Sign up with Corbin here.

Liz Meyers

What's something people would find interesting about you?
I graduated from Liberty University in 2011 with my music degree, concentration in guitar.

What inspired you to start playing?
I was inspired to start playing the guitar after seeing my first live performance. That was the first time I had ever seen a band playing on a stage in person. There's something other worldly about that kind of experience versus hearing a track on the radio. After that show, I was determined to be a female electric guitar player, and that was when I asked my parents if I could begin taking lessons. 

What's the best thing about teaching?
The best thing about teaching is passing on that same inspiration to my students. More than giving them theory knowledge or technique, seeing them develop a passion for their instrument is one of the coolest things. If you can be proud of the practice you put in as a musician and enjoy the music you play, it is the most rewarding experience.

Greg Shivers

Greg Shivers

What's something people would find interesting about you?
My biggest hobby is yoyo collecting. I always keep a yoyo in my lesson room and one in the car in case I feel the need to practice a trick.

What inspired you to start playing?

I was inspired mostly by other musicians. One of my first favorite artists was Paul Simon. I admired him so much (still do) that if he played guitar, that meant I had to play guitar too. When I started lessons, I learned about the great classical guitarists like Andres Segovia and Julian Bream and fell in love with classical guitar.

What's the best thing about teaching?

The greatest thing about teaching is guiding a student to independence. It's a really great feeling when a student earns enough confidence to troubleshoot the difficult stuff and generate their own interesting musical ideas.

Sign up with Greg here.

Clayton Cronan

Clayton Cronan

What do you enjoy doing outside of teaching?
Some of my favorite things are hanging out at the lake and riding jet skis. I also know how to ride a unicycle!

What inspired you to start playing?
I was first inspired to play by hearing family and friends make music when I was younger.

What's the best thing about teaching?
My favorite thing about teaching is watching a student hit that first lick, first chord, or finding that amazing sound from their guitar all by themselves, and watching the inspiration in their eyes light up.

Sign up with Clayton here.

Town Center Music has partnered with the TeacherZone lesson management system to offer our students the best lesson experience possible. TeacherZone offers a full multimedia lesson experience as well as the ability to manage scheduling & billing right from your computer, tablet, or phone. With TeacherZone and Town Center Music, you'll get more out of your lessons than you'd ever imagine. Learn more at

How Our Lessons Work:
First things first: read over our lesson policy. All Town Center Music students need a signed lesson policy agreement on file, and your continued enrollment in the Town Center Music lesson program constitutes your acceptance of this agreement.

Here Are the Current Rates:
For most instructors - check specific plan details.
$25 per lesson for one 30 minute session per week ($100 for four week months, $125 for five week months).
$50 per lesson for one 60 minute session per week ($200 for four week months, $250 for five week months).
$35 for a one-off, "a la carte" lesson.
All lessons are paid in advance, on the last week of the previous month, using a credit or debit card on file.

How To Sign Up:
Use the "Sign Up Today" box to choose your pricing plan, instrument, instructor, and lesson day/time. When you click the blue Sign Up Today button, you'll be taken to the TeacherZone website to complete your profile finish your registration.

It's Really That Easy!
Still have questions? Give us a call at 770.831.7936 or shoot us an email at

Town Center Music is the answer when you search "guitar lessons near me!"

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