Humidification Solutions
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Humidification Solutions from Planet Waves

Climate control is one of the miracles of our time - it doesn't matter what temperature it is outside, your indoors can be perfectly warmed or cooled to your specifications. All you have to do is fire up your HVAC system, let it dry out the air, and it heats or cools the air to whatever temp you've set the magic dial. Perfect for modern life... and absolutely terrible for anything made of wood, including your guitar. See, your guitar wants to live in a humidity range between 40-60%. Anything less than that, the wood loses moisture and starts to shift, move, and even crack or split. This manifests itself in overhanging frets (that can absolutely shred your unsuspecting hands), twisted necks (no fun to set up, trust us), and even giant cracks in soundboards or sides (zoiks, Scoob!). Is there no end to this terror?

Of course there is, and it comes courtesy of our friends at Planet Waves, who offer a line of humidification products that range from the decidedly low-tech sponge, all the way to a Bluetooth-enabled device that can tell your phone when humidity reaches critical levels. So go ahead, enjoy all the comforts modern climate control will afford you - just make sure you visit Town Center Music and keep your six-string friends happy as well.

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