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A Statement Concerning Gov. Kemp's 4.20.20 Annoucement

Hey folks,

First and mostly, we hope you and your families are staying safe & sane. Crazy, strange, unprecedented... it seems these words are appearing more and more, and they're sort of losing their meanings. In any case: be safe.

Second, thank you so much for your support. We haven't been social media-ing as much, because you've kept us busy. Repairs, filling orders, chatting on the phone, we're happy to have these awesome jobs to do. Please continue to support us and other local businesses as your means allow. Every local transaction is a statement of courage and certainty in an otherwise uncertain time.

Thirdly, we heard Gov. Kemp's speech earlier this week, outlining his plan for "reopening the economy." We're not political animals, so we're not commenting on that facet of the issue. And the truth is, we've been doing business throughout this shutdown, with repairs, curbside pickup & local delivery all happening (pretty well, if we do say so ourselves). But we did think long and hard about reopening our showroom to walk-in customers and lessons. Because we're having a hard time procuring bulk quantities of personal protective equipment (sanitizer, gloves, masks, etc.), we can't guarantee a safe shopping experience for our customers or our staff. Not to mention the ethical question of why a music store should have those items when such a need exists among frontline medical workers. Thus, we're going to keep the showroom/lesson rooms locked. BUT! Products are live at (more added every day), curbside pickup & delivery have proved to be a great experience for everyone (we'll continue both options after this... thing does what it does), repairs can still happen with appointments, and online lessons with actual live human instructors are available, also at For most of you within the sound of this email, TCM is now the same source of value as that Big Internet Giant, with the added bonus of talking to real live people on the phone or via email. We want to open up and see your smiling faces again, but we need to make sure we can do that safely & responsibly. We'll be sure to let you know exactly when we can be equipped to do so.

So, to sum up: no, you can't come in. Sorry. But we promise to do everything we can to get instruments and gear into the hands of both experienced and beginner players. Because that's what we do. #WeMakeMusicMakers

Thanks so much,
-aaron & the TCM Staff