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Get Rewarded for Making Music

Look, we like you. We’d like to see you around here more. So we decided we’d give you a gift for spending time and money with us. For every $100 you spend, we’ll give you $10 back. Even better, we’ll keep track of it for you; just make sure to give us your name when you check out. Just that easy.

Just like anything good, there are some rules:
- Rewards are earned on items sold, not services or lessons.
- The coupons expire after 1 year. Even the most indecisive among us should be able to pick something cool from our wares.
- The $10 coupon is a one-time use, meaning you won’t get “change” if you buy something less that $10.
- You also don't get rewards on a purchase made with rewards.
- The coupons do stack, however. Save them up and use them on a big ticket item!
- Due to certain vendor restrictions, some items are not eligible for rewards and cannot be purchased with rewards coupons, but we promise: the majority of our stock is eligible.
- Instrument & equipment rentals to qualify for reward points.

Here is list of brands you cannot use Rewards Points to purchase:
Chase Bliss Audio, Elixir Strings, Greer Amps, Neunaber Audio, Strymon

Reward points will be earned on these purchases, but cannot be used toward the purchase price of any of these brands' products. Town Center Music reserves the right to alter this list at any time.