Get Rewarded for Making Music

Look, we like you. We’d like to see you around here more. So we decided we’d give you a gift for spending time and money with us. For every $100 you spend, we’ll give you $10 back. Even better, we’ll keep track of it for you; just make sure to give us your name when you check out. Just that easy.

Just like anything good, there are some rules:
- Rewards are earned on items sold, not services or lessons.
- The coupons expire after 1 year. Even the most indecisive among us should be able to pick something cool from our wares.
- The $10 coupon is a one-time use, meaning you won’t get “change” if you buy something less that $10.
- You also don't get rewards on a purchase made with rewards.
- The coupons do stack, however. Save them up and use them on a big ticket item!
- Due to certain vendor restrictions, some items are not eligible for rewards and cannot be purchased with rewards coupons, but we promise: the majority of our stock is eligible.