Greer Amps Alliance 20 Combo
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Greer Amps Alliance 20 Combo


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Based right down the road from us in storied Athens, GA, Greer Amps builds some of the best tone machines available today. The Alliance 20 continues that tradition by blending legendary American & British tones in one portable package. Bring your axe and try it at Town Center Music today.

  • Handwired on a vintage style turret board!
  • Baltic Birch!
  • 20 Watts, Cathode biased Class A!
  • 1x5AR4, 2xEL84 , 3x12AX7!
  • 12 inch Celestion G12H30 speaker!
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers!
Curbside pickup, and delivery to your home or school is available!
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This product only sells to and ships to the Continental US, from Suwanee, GA.
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The Greer Amps Alliance 20 is a true dream come true.  Blending vintage American and British tones, this amplifier brings out the best of two classic guitar eras.  The Alliance 20 is a 20 watt, cathode biased, class A amplifier.  It is housed in a 112 combo with a Celestion G12H30, and can be custom ordered as a head. 

Channel 1 is based on a 1950’s tweed champ, with good clean headroom, snarl, and that famous medium gain grind that champs have.  Channel 2 is based on a combination of two British heavyweights, the AC series of amps, and the vintage British 20 watt treble and bass amp.  Channel 1 has only a single volume control and the universal cut switch to allow for treble cut tone shaping.  Channel 2 features volume, treble, and bass controls and the universal cut switch, as well.  Channel 2 is slightly higher in gain than Channel 1, and its controls can have a very subtle impact on the sound of Channel 1.  We suggest keeping channel 2’s volume below 3 when it is not being used, if the user would like to access the subtle tone shaping available on Channel 1.