Yellowcake Furry & Fried
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Yellowcake Furry & Fried


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A Furry Burrito and Fried Gold in a box... 
Independently switchable, with an effects order toggle switch.


A versatile overdrive/fuzz pedal. 
Ranging from a nice, warm overdrive 
to a saturated fuzz/gain that produces 
that ‘Big-Muff’ like sustain. coupled with 
a voltage trim knob to add signal break-up. 
Rounding out the configuration are a fat switch 
for bass, and filter knob to adjust treble. 
Powder coated and UV printed enclosure. 
Hand wired in the USA.


Filter - 
Adjusts from low and flat to sharp and bright.

Gain - 
A saturated fuzz that also achieves a ‘Muff’-like sustain.

Drive - 
An nice clipping overdrive, that adds 
texture when combined with the Gain.

Clear Trim Knob - 
Adds to the signal breakup by starving 
the circuit, while inducing feedback and some 
Envelope type faux wah sounds.

Fat Switch - 
Adds thicker bottom end.

Level - 
Total output volume.

Power - 
2.1mm negative center 9vdc adapter. 
Performs best with an isolated power supply

Current Draw - 
Approx. 18 mA


A straight forward and versatile overdrive type pedal that ranges from mild, to a blown out ‘Fried’ almost ‘fuzz-ish’ tube amp. 
Designed to complement the front end tube amp while capable of mixing wonderfully with the dirt channel to provide more punch and grit. Versatile gain range, and a mild tone control to keep the overall voicing of the pedal intact. Powder coated and UV printed enclosure.

Tint - 
A subtle tone control that adds some extra glass and presence.

Gain - 
Adjusts from a mild overdrive to a blown out ‘Fried’ or ‘Fuzz-ish’ tube amp.

Level - 
Total output volume.

Power - 
9v Battery or 2.1mm negative center 9vdc adapter.

Current Draw - 
Approx. 8.8 mA