Yellowcake Lida Machine - 3
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Yellowcake Lida Machine


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  • Two Independently Controlled LFOs
  • Expression Input for Frequency Control
  • CV Input
  • Can Run On 9VDC or 12VDC Power Supply

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A Type of Modulation Unlike Any Other.

Yellowcake brings forth the Lida Machine, an analog Voltage Control Filter (VCF) that uses LFOs (low frequency oscillators) to craft spacey, vibe-ish sounds. The first, always on LFO creates a pulsating warble that can be adjusted to a seasick tremolo all the way to a whacked-out univibe style tone. A second LFO can be engaged for even more pulse underneath the first LFO. Each LFO has its own Rate and Depth controls, while the Freq and Res control the frequency and resonance of the VCF. Toggle switches allow you to adjust the rate and waveform of the modulation as well. Synth players fear not - Lida Machine has a CV input to play nice with all your other modules and synths. In additon, an expression input allows you to control the Freq knob on the fly.

Once you hear the Lida Machine, you'll be hooked on its spacey and psychedelic character.