Neunaber Expanse Series Multi Effect Pedal - Web Graphic - 741459704070
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Neunaber Expanse Series Multi Effect Pedal - Web Graphic


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (770) 831-7936 to order.
  • True Bypass or Buffered "Trails" Mode
  • 100% Analog Dry Signal
  • Can Be Programmed as Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Tremolo and Other Effects via the Expanse Software
  • 9 or 12VDC Power Supply Required
  • Comes Programmed with Wet Reverb
This product only sells to and ships to the Continental US, from Suwanee, GA.
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The Swiss Army Knife of Modulation.

Ever wish you could change your pedal on the fly to be a sick reverb, turn into a lush chorus and then pull a 180 into a tape delay? Enter the Expanse, Neunaber's chameleon pedal that can be programmed as any of those things and so much more via their 100% free Expanse software (downloadable here). Pair Expanse with the Neunaber ExP for four individual effects with two presets each and a multitude of expression pedal options. Expanse sports a 100% analog dry signal path, stereo options, changeable footswitch functionality and can be set as true-bypass or buffered bypass for "trails" mode, which allows the delay and reverb to decay after the pedal has been disengaged.