USED Tech21 Boost RVB Reverb - 837088002011
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USED Tech21 Boost RVB Reverb


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  • Uniquely combines reverb and clean boost, up to 9dB, in one pedal.
  • Mix control ranges from 100% dry to 100% wet.
  • Custom, silent-switching actuator.
  • Trails works in conjunction with bypass and allows the signal to decay naturally
  • Has been tested, works great.
  • Includes box & book

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Tech 21 brings a fresh perspective to the standard reverb pedal. By incorporating a clean Boost function, up to 9dB, your solos will jump out with greater dimension. The Boost RVB is designed with user-tweakable, “lo-fi” analog technology. By manipulating the controls, you can infuse degrees of warmth and life characteristic of vintage reverbs. The circuitry intentionally injects the inherent imperfections of vintage units, which is what makes them so seductive and nostalgic. A single, continuously-variable Time control provides a full sweep of size. The Boost RVB parameters are engineered so that you can explore and custom tailor such reverb styles as spring, plate and natural room/hall ambiance.