Porter Pickups Smooth-Classic Humbucker Set Chrome Cover
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Porter Pickups Smooth-Classic Humbucker Set Chrome Cover


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This is the Porter Pickups Smooth-Classic Humbucker Pickup set, Porter's best seller! Versatile tones from neck to bridge and a great middle position. You get the great lows and softer respond of the neck positions for clean chords and the bridge that can rock if needed.

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Porter Classic Humbucker Pickups offer a great vintage tone that is nice and warm, but distorts smoothly. They feature a AlNiCo V magnet, and can be wound to your specs depending on the output you are looking for. The pickups are wound to match with any type of guitar from solid bodies to hollows. The Classic Humbuckers provide a nice clean sound in the neck position, and a good cut through tone in the bridge position without being too shrill. Try a classic with a little overdrive, or a cranked amp and it will go from a nice break-up tone, and clean up as you roll the volume pot down.

  • Try the Classic in the bridge position for a versatile tone that has the right amount of bite
  • The classic pairs exceptionally well with a Smooth in the neck.
  • Buy these if: You need more clarity from your setup
  • Buy these if: You need a pickup that can take pedals and different amp types well.
Spec info:  A5 magnets, available in a neck or bridge position with many options. Typical neck resistance is low 7K range, bridge is high 7 to low 8K 

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 These are our best all around humbuckers. Try them in pretty much anything! .