Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus
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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus


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  • Expression Input
  • 9VDC Power Supply Required
  • 60 mA Current Draw
  • Art by Derek Nobbs

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For those weary of common comes something truly different.


The mad scientists of Old Blood Noise Endeavors bring forth the Reflector, a chorus pedal cut from a different cloth. Using three distinct voices with chorus at its base, a multitude of unique sounds can be had at the flip of a switch. Wrinkle mode gives you a pitch bending chorus with vibrato DNA. Mirrors mode gives you a detuned chorus with a touch of flange whilst Myriad mode gives you a simple, yet lush chorus. An internal trimpot adjusts the pedal's output allowing Reflector to perform perfectly on any pedal board.

NOTE: We did find a secret stash of Reflector Version 1 pedals in our stock. Version 1 does not have the expression jack or soft switch, but does have the same tasty Reflector tone.