Reverend Guitars
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Wouldn’t it be great to find a guitar with a forward-looking style, but has roots in the beloved classic designs of the past? Something that plays like butter, and gives you a huge range of tones to chose from: regular single coils, P90’s, humbuckers, maybe a unique design or two thrown in for good measure? And while we’re asking for the moon, let’s throw in exclusive features like a Tone Contour knob, a six(!) bolt neck plate, and a patent-pending Triple Tree string tree. Let’s not forget the locking keys, treble bleed circuit, 10% tolerance Alpha pots & polyester capacitors, double-contact Pure Tone jacks, double-action truss rod…

Hey, what do you know… we just described Reverend Guitars. Available now at Town Center Music.

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Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider S



Reverend Charger HB