Acorn Amps Petito 1x12 Combo
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Acorn Amps Petito 1x12 Combo


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  • All hand-built and hand-wired
  • 7 Watts R.M.S.
  • 12’’ 30W WGS Reaper speaker
  • Audio-grade resistors
  • Classic Tone transformers
  • F&T filter capacitors
  • JJ 6V6 output tube
  • Hand-picked & tested NOS 6SN7 preamp tube in every build
  • JJ GZ34 tube rectified
  • 8 ohm impedance output
  • CTS potentiometers
  • Detachable AC power cable
  • Dimensions: 17’’ tall (including handle and feet), 20’’ wide, 9.5’’ deep
  • Weight: 33.5 lbs

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The Petito 1x12 combo is a sonically versatile, harmonically rich, all-tube guitar amp in a super compact, rugged enclosure. Ultra hi-fi cleans make way for crunchy, responsive overdrive with the turn of the volume and mids controls. As dynamic of a single channel amp as you’ve ever played, the Petito delivers with every genre.

Though it clocks in at 7 watts RMS, we guarantee they are seven of the LOUDEST watts you've ever heard. Borrowing elements from classic small-format amps and bringing it's own "jois de vivre" to the party, the Acorn Amps Petito is the small amp of your dreams. Your ears and your back will thank you.