Amptweaker Pressurizer Compressor
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Amptweaker Pressurizer Compressor


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  • Always On Compression Mode with Switchable Boost
  • Sustain Available without Compression
  • True Bypass
  • 9 or 18 VDC Power Supply Required

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The Pressure's On... When You Want It To Be

For the connoisseur of all things compression comes the Pressurizer from the mad scientists at Amptweaker. With the same attention to packing as many features in a pedal as possible that Amptweaker is known for, the Pressurizer allows for total control over your tone. The Blend, Sustain, Tone and Volume controls are completed by two toggle switches - Bloom for adjusting the swell speed of the compression and Limiter for adding a boost after the Blend control circuit. If you love having your compressor on all the time, Pressurizer can be set for always on operation and allows a FET clean boost to be engaged via footswitch. And for players that stray away from compressors because of the change in pick attack, the Pressurizer's Blend control can be adjusted so that your attack remains 100% untouched but with the benefits of increased sustain that can only come from a great compressor.