Chase Bliss Audio Spectre Analog TZ Flange - Blue Knob Mod - 761878999826
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Chase Bliss Audio Spectre Analog TZ Flange - Blue Knob Mod


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  • Two On-Board Presets Selectable via Toggle Switch
  • 122 Presets Accessible via MIDI (requires external MIDI converter for use with standard MIDI controllers)
  • Expression and CV Input
  • 100% Analog Dry Signal
  • Requires 9V Power Supply (not included)
We were doing inventory and found one remaining Blue Knob Mod Spectre - grab it before it vanishes!
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Leave your mind behind...

along with any idea of what a flanger is and enter the Spectre from tone wizards of Chase Bliss Audio. 

So much more than a through-zero flanger, spacey and lush chorus and vibrato tones are easily found with it's controls for every possible parameter. Don't let the number of knobs and switches intimidate you. Finding an excellent sound is far easier than it looks. The dip switches control the ramping of any parameter (used in conjunction with the ramp knob) and the rise and fall of the ramping, as well as secondary functions such as momentary footswitch operation. 

You can also recall two presets as well as a 'live' mode with the 3 way toggle switch near the footswitches. As with all Chase Bliss pedals, the signal remains 100% analog and is controlled by a digital brain.

This pedal is perfect for the creative and the psychedelic!