Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas Tremolo - 761878999840
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Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas Tremolo


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  • Two On-Board Presets Selectable via Toggle Switch
  • 122 Presets Accessible via MIDI (requires external MIDI converter for use with standard MIDI controllers)
  • Expression and CV Input
  • 100% Analog Dry Signal
  • Requires 9V Power Supply (not included)

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Way beyond the average tremolo.

The Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas offers up unparalleled options and abilities never before seen in a tremolo stompbox. Want a pitch-bending harmonic trem? You got it. Maybe a slower, deep and soulful pulse a la old school late 60's amps? Done. The Gravitas has unlimited options and control over its modulation via the ModuShape controls and ramping via the dip switches on its side. Tone purists rejoice! Gravitas features an internal boost and opamp buffer circuit to give the effect clarity and organic feel. As with all Chase Bliss creations, your signal stays 100% analog and untouched whilst the controls are maintained by a digital brain. Two selectable presets and 122 via MIDI (requires Chase Bliss MIDI Box converter for use with standard MIDI controllers) allow you to save your favorite sounds to be recalled on the fly.