Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess Distortion/Chorus/Delay - 857183007100
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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess Distortion/Chorus/Delay


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The OBNE Excess. Everything you wanted, and more.

This product only sells to and ships to the Continental US, from Suwanee, GA.
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A Saucerful of 80's.

Meet the Excess. Old Blood Noise Endeavors took all the good tones from your favorite 80's records and put them all on one sonic palette. Pairing a rich, harmonic distortion with lush chorus and delay, Excess is a perfect solution for a grab and go pedal or as simple source of inspiration for your next project. Excess features individual level controls for both the distortion and modulation sides of the pedal. A second footswitch lets you choose between the chorus and delay modulations on the fly. For even more versatility, there's a series/parallel switch that lets you route the signal path. In series, the distortion drives the modulation side and the level controls stack for a more pushing tone, while in parallel the two halves are summed together for a clearer modulation sound and more subtle distortion.