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Greer Amps Tomahawk Deluxe Drive


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  • Tweed-Voiced Drive
  • Stacks Well With Other Pedals
  • Can Operate on 9 or 18 Volts

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A Faithful Tribute to Decades of Tone.

The latest masterpiece from Greer Amps is here. The Tomahawk derives its sound from the big tweed amps of the 50's that ignited rock and roll and beyond. It's amazingly touch sensitive and musically versatile - there is no bad setting on the Tomahawk. You can run it at either 9 or 18 volts, with a slight compression at 9 volts and major headroom and tightness at 18 volts. Tomahawk lives to be stacked with other pedals. It works really well as a second gain stage, where it's pushed harder by your favorite boost or drive for an even more amp-like feel.


The Tomahawk Deluxe Drive is a great medium gain “second stage” overdrive pedal. This beauty barks and snarls, but it can also lean back and simply shift your tone just a bit. This pedal CAN RUN ON 9 AND 18 VOLTS. Now that we’ve addressed that, let’s talk about some of the characteristics of this pedal. This pedal has a purposeful EQ shift that puts it squarely in the “tweed” type tonal range. At 9 volts, it compresses slightly, like the big box tweed amps do, but still has some stiffness to it, just like those wonderful tone boxes did. At 18 volts, this beauty has increased headroom, AND becomes a bit more stiff, in a lovely way. The Tomahawk is a touch sensitive, dynamic recreation of this classic sound that has a natural and instantly familiar drive texture found on classic albums from so many genres. Grab a tomahawk and add this classic American tone to your tonal palette.